New York-based architecture practice WORKac was commissioned for the design of New Holland Island in St.Petersburg. Source: WORKac.

Photo: WORKac

International Visitors: New Holland St. Petersburg visits the Netherlands

25 January 2016
From 27 January to 3 February, Aleksey Rousanov and Victoria Ryskina of New Holland visit the Netherlands in preparation of their Summer Programme 2016.

Aleksey Rousanov (manager of the art programme) and Victoria Ryskina (manager of the creative department) of New Holland St. Petersburg undertake a research trip to the Netherlands to investigate the possibility to organize a Dutch cultural festival in the framework of New Holland's Summer Programme 2016. During their stay, they will among others meet with De Appel, Foam, W139, Cinekid, TodaysArt, EYE, IDFA and Red Light Radio. The visit has been initiated by the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in St. Petersburg. During their stay in the Netherlands, Rousanov and Ryskina will be supported by Victoria Lourik, head of the Press and Cultural Department of the Consulate General in St. Petersburg.

New Holland St. Petersburg:
The island of New Holland – founded by Peter the Great in 1719 – is one of the foremost historical monuments in Saint Petersburg. Since 2010, New Holland Development (NHD) started to restore and redevelop the island. The primary objectives for these investors was both the restoration of monuments of industrial architecture, and the establishment of a new, mixed-use complex, that would become a centre of cultural life for the city and a platform for the intellectual community from all over the globe.

Plans for the island include the opening of museums and exhibition halls, a research laboratory and educational facilities, in addition to commercial venues. The park area and recreational infrastructure on the island has been developed by the Dutch urban planning firm West 8. While the larger projects are under way, the island of New Holland offers a space for experimentation, through the program Summer on New Holland, which samples from the most diverse areas of contemporary culture.

Long term collaboration:
The research visit of Aleksey Rousanov and Victoria Ryskina to the Netherlands, characterizes the ongoing successful cooperation between New Holland and the Dutch cultural sector. In 2013 New Holland hosted the Orange Days — a festival of Dutch contemporary culture – in the framework of the Russia-Netherlands bilateral year.

In the fall of 2015 Rousanov took part in a visitors' programme for young Russian art professionals in the Netherlands, organised by DutchCulture and International Foundation Manifesta. During his visitors' programme Rousanov has been introduced to small and independent art spaces in the Netherlands. The current research visit builds on the contacts established in 2015 and opens up the possibility for a Dutch cultural festival in the summer of 2016.

More information:
For more information about the visitors' programme of Rousanov and Ryskina, please contact Ruben Eijkelenberg, advisor Russia at DutchCulture.