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'Metamorphoses Going Dutch!': An ode to Dutch chamber music

'Metamorphoses Going Dutch!': An ode to Dutch chamber music

During lockdown, the Metamorphoses Trio realised the film ‘Metamorphoses: Going Dutch!’ that recently premiered online.
By Janna Schwab

In order to keep music alive in COVID times, the chamber music ensemble Metamorphoses Trio decided to produce a film on their new compositions. The short film Metamorphoses: Going Dutch! is a tribute to the 91-year-old Dutch composer Theo Loevendie, who recently composed a new composition for the trio. The trio hopes to provide multiple audiences around the world with a better understanding of Loevendie’s layered compositions.  

In the film, the Metamorphoses Trio describes an ongoing relationship with Dutch music as they emphasise the presence of, besides Loevendie's composition, other Dutch works by Leo Smith and Julius Röntgen in their repertoire. Metamorphoses: Going Dutch! promotes an ode to the versatility of Dutch chamber music.

The film was financially supported by the Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom. Metamorphoses Trio is an internationally based music ensemble mainly active in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain.

Watch Metamorphoses: Going Dutch! here.

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