In the spotlight: Dutch authors present their latest novels in Brandenburg

In the spotlight: Dutch authors present their latest novels in Brandenburg

Follwing the visit of the King and Queen of the Netherlands, Dutch authors are presenting their work in Brandenburg.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands paid a Royal Visit to Brandenburg, Germany, for the first time last May. In light of this visit, the office for literature in Brandenburg is organising a series of book presentations by Dutch authors. The Embassy of the Netherlands in Berlin has been working together with the office for literature to set up special evenings dedicated to food and literature: the Literaire Diners. For five of the six Dutch authors invited to present their work, it will be their first time visiting Brandenburg. For the office for literature, collaborating with the Netherlands is familiar as it will already be the third Dutch literary event they are organising.

Tommy Wieringa, German author Lutz Seiler and moderator Luzia Braun during the Literaire Diner, an event organised by the Dutch Embassy in Berlin on occasion of the Royal Visit to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Photo: Jasper Kettner
Jasper Kettner

Thematically the work of the authors covers a wide horizon, from Kafka-like prose during the belle epoch, to four generations of a German family that takes the reader through history, to a scenic story around a hunter and his animals. These themes are depicted in the works of the three authors that have presented so far; H.M. van den Brink, Jan Konst and Pauline de Bok. In October, Tommie Wieringa will present his new book Santa Rita, which is relevantly set on the Dutch-German country sides along the border. In November, Lot Vekemans will present her book Ein Brautkleid aus Warschau, a story about migration and the longing for love during the most mundane days. Also in November, Marente de Moor will talk about her book Aus dem Licht, the tragic tale of the greatly talented inventor Louis Aimé Le Prince.

When and where to visit the Dutch book presentations?

Thursday 10 Oct. '19 – Tommy Wieringa at 20:00 Wilhelmshorst (Peter-Huchel-Haus)

Thursday 7 Nov. '19 – Lot Vekemans at 19:00 at Potsdam (Heinrich von Kleist Schule)

Sunday 10 Nov. '19 – Marente de Moor at 11:00 at Potsdam (Villa Quandt)

Monday 11 Nov. '19 – Marente de Moor at 19:30 at Zossen (Neues Leben im Alten Haus)

Find more announcements on the website of the office for literature in Brandenburg.

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