Forum on European Culture: We, The People

It's a wrap! Forum on European Culture: We, The People

Between 17 and 20 September the Forum on European Culture took place, with various programmes that explored what connects and divides Europeans.
23 September 2020

Who are the people in Europe? Is there such a thing as a European 'demos'? What are typically European culinary traditions? What role does the female perspective play in contemporary European cinema? And how do protest movements see the future of Europe? These and many more questions were explored during the Forum on European Culture, an initiative of De Balie and DutchCulture, that took place between 17 and 20 September in Amsterdam.

For example The Vaccine, an exciting social experiment about our near future, developed by Hungarian theater- and film director Árpád Schilling. It starts with the idea that there is a working vaccine for COVID-19. However, there is not enough for everybody. Who should get it first? (Video below)


Have you missed the Forum or parts of it? You can watch all the highlights via its YouTube channel.


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