River Nile in Cairo Egypt / Rouwanne Sayed

Photo: Rouwanne Sayed / Wikimedia Commons

COVID-19 Information for cooperation with Egypt

On this page you will find information about consequences of the coronavirus for international cooperation with Egypt.


Latest update 28 january 2021

General Situation

Cultural and creative sector
All art and culture programmes are in line with the safety measures against Covid-19: some festivals, exhibitions, concerts and other social gatherings are organised indoors or outside with half capacity, or in a hybrid form, combining online and physical activities. Some examples of cultural highlights that have taken place in hybrid form:

Dutch diplomatic mission

  • The Dutch embassy in Egypt informs about the local situation in Egypt via the website, as well as via facebook.

Travel advice

Other links

If you have specific questions related to your project in this country, please contact our Focal Countries Desk focalcountriesdesk@dutchculture.nl. For general questions you can get in touch with our Mobility Info Point: infopoint@dutchculture.nl

See here for more information on Egypt in the International Cultural Policy and the database with Dutch cultural activities internationally.

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