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Advisor - Indonesia
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17 December: Artists in Conversation - Edition Indonesia

17 December: Artists in Conversation - Edition Indonesia

On Friday 17 December at 17.00 (CET) Indonesian and Dutch artists will exchange insights on the cultural climate in both countries.

This new edition of Artists in Conversation will be broadcast online. It's not necessary to sign up.

Artists in Conversation is a series of broadcasts by DutchCulture in which we learn about cultural climates abroad. By offering artists the opportunity to engage in conversation with each other, we not only get to know the artists and their practices, but also the cultural sector of the environment they work in. Every edition of the series consists of a dialogue between an artist from the Netherlands and an artist from another country. In this edition, writer Ayu Utami will provide a keynote with a reflection on literature and film in today’s Indonesia. After, photographers Joshua Irwandi and Geert van Kesteren will discuss their experiences with working in Indonesia.

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