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Jelle Burggraaff
Head of Mobility & Advice / Creative Europe Desk NL
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17 February: Equal exchange when working abroad

17 February: Equal exchange when working abroad

On Thursday 17 February 2022 we discussed the challenges and possibilities of mobility and reciprocity in international cultural exchange.

Working internationally is often self-evident in the cultural sector. Working across borders is inspiring and enriching, but also complex, time-consuming and expensive. At DutchCulture we help you to access information, connect to networks and find funding opportunities to help you on your way.

While doing our work we signal difficulties with working internationally. Therefore we have been hosting a session on mobility and reciprocity. For example, when working abroad: how do you not only work for your own advantage but also give back to the community you are visiting? How can this visit be a co-production based on reciprocity and what are concrete examples of this? What is holding us back from co-creating and working on a basis of equal exchange?

We looked at this topic from the perspective of the individual artist to large festivals and funding bodies that deal with the same questions.

Watch the video below:

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