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Info point Dutch cultural cooperation with Ukraine

Info point Dutch cultural cooperation with Ukraine

Our information point aims to help Dutch artists and organisations by answering questions about cultural cooperation with Ukraine.
By Tijana Stepanovic

Our information point is here to help Dutch (based) artists and organisations by answering questions and providing information about cultural cooperation with Ukraine. You can ask us about policy, mobility, insurance, financial implications and other related issues in the field of art and culture.

We are also happy to help you further with information about Ukraine and its newly gained status as a focal country within the Dutch international cultural policy and about cultural organisations and networks in the country.

Feel free to contact us with your questions and experiences via email: infopoint@dutchculture.nl or by telephone at +31 20 616 4225 (on office days from 9.00-17.00).

Cultural collaboration with the Ukrainian cultural field

I need to help someone in Ukraine to travel to the Netherlands. What do I need to know?

Before leaving
It is important to bring valid travel documents (valid biometric Ukrainian passport, Ukrainian residence permit (if you are a non-EU citizen living in Ukraine) and birth certificate and/or marriage certificate) if possible. These will be helpful when travelling, but also when temporarily settling in one of the EU countries. However, the lack of these documents should not be an obstacle to entering the EU. You can find additional information about travelling to the Netherlands in this FAQ issued by the Dutch government.

EU Temporary Protection Directive
Refugees from Ukraine can receive temporary protection in the Netherlands under the EU Temporary Protection Directive. The Temporary scheme for Ukraine entitles you to reception, health care, and education for minor children in the Netherlands. As well as the possibility to work. Find out on this site whether you are covered by this scheme and whether you are entitled to temporary protection.

Everyone who comes under the Temporary scheme Ukraine can work in the Netherlands without a work permit (in Dutch: tewerkstellingsvergunning or twv). This means that an employer does not have to request a work permit for you. And that you can easily look for a job, if you want to. The work permit exemption applies to all work in employment. You will need an employment contract with an employer. You must also meet certain requirements, which you can check here. Please note that employers must notify the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) (in Dutch) that they are employing someone.

Useful links:

RefugeeHelp - Website om Oekraïense vluchtelingen in Nederland te helpen.
Ukraine: effects of Russian invasion | Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)
Temporary scheme Ukraine | Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)
The Hague - Answers to questions frequently asked by Ukrainian refugees (denhaag.nl)

Travelling in the EU
European transport companies are allowing people fleeing from Ukraine to travel inside Europe for free.

How can I offer accommodation to Ukrainian artists and cultural workers stranded in the Netherlands?

Art residencies and cultural organisations offering accommodation
There is a growing number of cultural organisations offering accommodation and sometimes a residency opportunity for artists and cultural workers from Ukraine. There are efforts to streamline the offers and opportunities, as soon as we get verified information we will share it on our website.
If you or someone you know is interested in this option, please contact our Infopoint or TransArtists.

If an artist or cultural worker is a refugee with a residence permit, Takecarebnb enables refugees to temporarily stay with a host family for a period of three months. If you are considering hosting a family or person, you can contact them as well.

Even though DutchCulture focuses on international cultural cooperation, we find it important to also provide more general information that is reliable and may be relevant to artists. This page of the Dutch Refugee Council might be useful.

What campaigns, charity events and awareness events can I support?

Worldwide there are numerous campaigns and events supporting Ukraine, also campaigns and events specifically focusing on the Ukrainian cultural field. Here are a few initiatives by the Dutch cultural field:

Support for Ukrainian and Russian artists in the Netherlands The Dutch government allocated 1 million euros to support Ukrainian and Russian artists that were forced to flee their countries after the Russian attack on Ukraine, and are now living in the Netherlands. The grant can exclusively be applied for by a Dutch legal entity, i.e. a cultural organization or institution. The legal entity applies for the grant on behalf of the artist. Click here for more information.

University of New Europe - UNE mentor program
The UNE mentor program is a program launched by a collective of scholars and activists who plea for a new European university -- the University of New Europe -- with a fixed set of places for Ukrainian and Belarusian and Russian scholars at risk. We are connecting students/scholars/cultural workers at risk from Ukraine, as well as students/scholars/cultural workers at risk from Belarus and Russia, to high-profile experts elsewhere, among others in the Netherlands. To participate as mentor or mentee, send and email to universityofneweurope@protonmail.com with the following details: name; disciplinary expertise (in 3-4 keywords); participating as mentor/mentee; if mentee: seeking short-term of long-term advice. As a mentor you can make a difference by offering mental support and relevant information to your mentee, based on their needs.

Museums support Ukraine
NEMO collects and monitors support activities and initiatives organised by museums for Ukrainian colleagues and citizens. This page lists support actions relating to Storage and Housing, Donations, Education and Exhibitions as well as statements issued by European museum organisations. You can use this site for inspiration and information. Museums are furthermore encouraged to join the initiative.

Ukraine Solidarity Link Farm
Cultural workers in the Netherlands are working on an extensive link farm with useful information for artists and in general.  

Rijksakademie - Supporting the European International
Rijksakademie – Supporting the European International. An artist-to-artist aid for the Kyiv Biennial.

Creative Europe
Commission publishes special call to support Ukrainian artists. The call supports artists outside their country, cultural organisations in Ukraine, and preparation for the post-war recovery of the Ukrainian cultural and creative sector in the medium term.

More information here.


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