Merits (2021)

18 international activities
20/222 ranking within discipline
0 international awards


Postbus 651
Stationsplein 3
9700 AR Groningen

Het Houten Huis is located in Groningen. Het Houten Huis produces visually poetic music theatre for both young and old; productions which are conceived to play in a theatre or site-specific location.
There are hardly any spoken words in their plays, because the story is told with physical performance, imagery and music. Music is the ‘oxygen’ of the piece and works in symbiosis with the acting. Form and content are inextricably bound together. Objects puppets, projections, masks, physical theatre and live music are applied as appropriate for the subject matter. With their universal themes and visual performance, Het Houten Huis’ productions have proven successful internationally as well as in the Netherlands with both young and old audiences alike.