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ICP Orchestra
Other name (in original language)
Stichting ICP

Prinseneiland 99hs
1013LN Amsterdam

The ICP Orchestra is known and loved for its inventiveness, musical genius, and unpredictable stage antics. The group includes world-class improvisers Han Bennink on drums, Michael Moore on clarinet and alto saxophone, Ab Baars on clarinet and tenor saxophone, Tobias Delius on clarinet and tenor saxophone, Thomas Heberer on trumpet, Wolter Wierbos on trombone, Tristan Honsinger on cello, Ernst Glerum on bass, and Mary Oliver on viola and violin.

From ragtime to swing, composed pieces to improvisation, bop to free jazz, classical to carnivalesque, the ICP Orchestra continues to be at the forefront of the creative music that they have been so influential in founding, proliferating and supporting over the last five decades.