Merits (2019)

1 international activity
433/1114 ranking within discipline
0 international awards


Tweede walstraat 5
6511 LN Nijmegen

Extrapool is a venue and art space based in Nijmegen, The Netherands and it operates in 3 workfields: sound, art and print. Extrapool shows a diversity in sound art, performance art, short exhibitions and high quality printed matter. Concerts, workshops, screenings and book presentations are organized in their venue space on a regular basis. Extrapool is a space for discovery. It shows works of artists without huge distribution networks and artists who operate in the border areas of art and music. The venue searches for the unknown, the contradictory and the innovative. The events of Extrapool are characterized by their playful context in a convertible venue space. Informal and intimate on one hand, distinctive and artistic on the other.